Sunday, January 8, 2012

Do Dogs Hibernate?

My poor Hans has probably had about five walks in the last two months. He gets to go about two blocks once a day. Yesterday I ventured to walk them a little further and went 1.66 miles and paid for it this morning with an achy foot. So, in answer to the question, "Do Dog's hibernate?", I give a resounding, "YES!". Well, at least, yes if you buy them a new bed from COSTCO (seriously this one is like the Mercedes of doggy beds) and you don't exercise them at all! My dog is becoming a complete lush. The pictures will prove everything. All of them were taken at different times and on different days, with the result being the same...

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  1. Awesome job updating your blog! I really need to follow your example! I love my felted ornament, by the way. And, the picture of Dad and Grandpa is great! Thanks for sharing. Love you! Hope your foot is feeling better. Don't work it too much. It needs time to heal!