Sunday, January 8, 2012

Do Dogs Hibernate?

My poor Hans has probably had about five walks in the last two months. He gets to go about two blocks once a day. Yesterday I ventured to walk them a little further and went 1.66 miles and paid for it this morning with an achy foot. So, in answer to the question, "Do Dog's hibernate?", I give a resounding, "YES!". Well, at least, yes if you buy them a new bed from COSTCO (seriously this one is like the Mercedes of doggy beds) and you don't exercise them at all! My dog is becoming a complete lush. The pictures will prove everything. All of them were taken at different times and on different days, with the result being the same...


True story: My camera officially died on me during this trip. It wasn't a fancy a camera, pretty much just a point and shoot digital, the only kind I'm good at using, but since I can't afford a new one right now...well, you are just going to have to live with iPhone pictures. They are horrible, I know, but what's a girl to do? This Christmas, rather than sitting around and feeling sorry for myself, I took a short trip to NYC to visit Grace. We had a really nice time. We ate, ate and ate some more, we shopped, we watched movies, (knitted and croched) and went to church on Sunday morning.

Christmas Projects

I hardly ever buy gifts for people for Christmas: whether that's fortunate or unfortunate for them, I haven't really decided. What I do know, is that this means I get to be a little crafty every year. This year, I made felted wool Christmas ornaments, thanks to Megan, who bought me the awesome wool roving when I went home at Christmas! Do not fear! I have a lot left over, so maybe next year you will all get some new felted wool Christmas ornaments!
I'll be honest, these weren't my best home made item ever. I was sick and afflicted in December, so I'm only posting my best one! If you can't tell it's an angry bird and it was for my friend Carly who is an angry birds fiend.

Father and Son

I should probably give this picture to my Dad, but I love it so much I kept it. This is my Dad and my Grandpa Al when my dad was a child. I love the cute stuffed dog my Dad is holding (I'm pretty sure that's what that is...but maybe he could comment and clarify).

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Are You Having a Girl?

This seemed to be the question I've asked the most over the last few years. The reason is due to a knitting book for baby's clothing which was purchased over 2 years ago (when my sister was pregnant with Amyah). At that time I began knitting a baby dress intended for the baby, not realizing how awful it would be. The knitting itself wasn't difficult, just the tediousness of knitting on size 1 needles. Needless to say, the dress was never completed in time, and eventually I quit because I just plain hated the yarn I was using. A year later, the dress was revived but with different, nicer yarn. The dress in question,has been intended for over 5 different baby girls (all of which were born and grown too large before I was able to complete the dress). FINALLY, I finished the dress and it just so happened that my sister's in-laws were having a baby girl and so Lucy is the lucky baby girl who ended up with my dress (whether she or her parents liked it or not!). Brittney, her mother, was kind enough to send my pictures of her drowning in the dress (I guess its better too large than too small!) And of course I have to post it because of all the time it took me to make it! In order to make the flowers, I actually had to learn to crochet as well!

The Trifecta

A week before I left to visit my sister and her family for Thanksgiving (if you want to see pictures, go to her blog) I started coughing, a horrible cough. By the Monday before, I was still hacking away all day and night and I decided I should pay a visit to the doctor (something I haven't done in over 3 years) and see what she could do. It turned out, I had bronchitis, she gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way. Well, in Arizona, I began taking Nyquil every night on top of my daily regiment of Muscinex D and antibiotics and the cough didn't seem to be getting better. A few days after being home, I left for Denver, the cough still going strong. It got worse in Denver and my head began to fill up as well. By the flight home even my advisor advised that I go back to the doctor. Which I did, the day after coming home. Guess what? I still had bronchitis, and to top it off, I also had a sinus infection. I was given a different variety of antibiotics and some cough syrup with Hydrocodone. Needless to say, I encountered all the side effects of the cough syrup (tiredness, dizziness, and insomnia to name a few), so although it cleared me up right away, I was not sleeping well. I stayed home from the lab for a couple of days-through the weekend-and the next Monday morning, as I was lumbering down the stairs, in a hydrocodone induced haze, Sadie (the labradoodle) ran up into me to greet me of course (or because she thought she was playing with me) and I lost my balance and flipped over her down the remaining stairs...The following pictures portray the events.
A TRIP TO THE ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON (DON'T WORRY--NO SURGERY)thanks to Linda, who gave me a ride. I promise...I don't have ankle was really this swollen.
I call this the trifecta because for some reason, everything happens in threes to me. I'm hoping that bronchitis and a sinus infection are counted individually and that the ankle rounds it out as the third event. However, I'm a little worried, that the third event is waiting just around the corner...

I Thought the Rockies were a Little Rockier than This...

This December I went to Denver for a conference. I was battling my third week of bronchitis and it was pretty cold out and so most of the time I would come home and go to bed. However, one day it was actually above 30 degrees, and sunny so I walked around in the afternoon and took some pictures.